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Green OpsTM

Bore into the Future.

There’s a better way to bore: Green Ops™ (GO). It’s a more complete process that leverages technology and information to give you a clear plan, more control, and faster reporting for safer, more productive jobs. Save time. Make money. With Green Ops.

The Green OpsTM Process.


  • Walk bore path
  • Leave pad & pencil behind
  • Enter waypoints/obstacles on your phone or tablet
  • Record depth & distance
  • Upload plan


  • Download bore plan
  • Monitor bore live
  • Log bore data
  • View tracker/guidance data
  • All from the drill seat


  • Collect bore data
  • Generate as-built
  • Send from your phone, in the field
  • Get paid
  • Next job

Use Technology To Your Advantage.

Using the latest tools available, you can reduce your risk of striking something
underground, while increasing your efficiency and profitability.

TMS Plus

Plan your bore with this Windows®-based software and get information on bend radius of the drill pipe, monitor real-time progress, generate a completed survey and more.

Field Scout™

Ditch the pad and pencil. Use your mobile phone or tablet to walk the bore-path and create a basic bore plan with waypoints and obstacles. GPS connectivity lets you see your plan on Google Earth™.


The Marksman Series HDD Guidance System delivers superior performance in high-interference environments, with models ideal for experienced and new operators.


The TK RECON Series HDD Guidance System features proven TK performance with dual locating methods, making it easy for experienced and novice operators.


This software app lets you up-load your Field Scout bore plan to the Commander 7 screen so you can monitor the bore live, log bore data, and display bore info when approaching a waypoint/obstacle—all from the drill seat during the bore.

Commander™ 7

This advanced 7” color HDD Guidance Display puts the drill operator in the driver’s seat. Not only is the uploaded bore plan available to monitor while drilling, all vital tracker data is viewable by the drill operator as well.

TSR Mobile

This advanced software lets you download HDD bore information directly to your mobile phone, tablet or computer, speeding production and reducing logging errors. With TSR Mobile you can generate an As-Built report as soon as the pilot bore is completed, right from the field.