Commander 7 Software

ScoutView is a productivity-boosting software for the Commander™ 7 HDD Guidance Display. With ScoutView, you can upload your Field Scout™ bore plan to the Commander 7 screen and monitor the bore in real time. In addition, it enables you to log bore data and display bore info when approaching a waypoint/obstacle—all from the drill seat during the bore.

When the bore is complete, you can use Field Scout™ to download the completed bore to your mobile device, where you can email your plan and As-Built to a supervisor, owner, or client for approval or further action. With ScoutView, you can reduce your risk and make your drill time more efficient, improving profitability on every bore.

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  • Enhances the drilling operation, minimizing risk and making the actual drill time more effective, efficient and profitable.
  • Allows the drill operator to see critical waypoints coming up.
  • Enables the drill operator to define the first and last rod lengths, aligning the plan to the real-time bore monitor.
  • Gives the drill operator the ability to monitor critical waypoints points such as entry and exit pits, crossing utilities with distance information and depth as you approach the waypoints.
  • Provides key drilling information to the rig operator that can be used to stay on plan for a more efficient bore.
  • Includes an audible and visual alert for Beacon Temperature and allows the operator to customize the warning and caution points.
  • Logs bore data in real time for easy, accurate reporting upon completion.
  • Works with GPS (optional) to reduce time spent making distance measurements (accuracy dependent on type of GPS).