TMS Plus
Bore Planning Software

Planning a bore in advance reduces complications and saves time and money. With Subsite® TMS Plus, a Windows®-based management tool, you can plan the bore, monitor its real-time progress and print out a completed survey.

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  • Intuitive menus and online user guide make the software easy to use.
  • Enables you to create multiple bore plans for the same job based on different units or paths.
  • Records the drill head position each time a new drill pipe is placed in the ground, and the position of the actual product during backreaming.
  • Works with Subsite guidance equipment to create a record of the installed bore path.
  • Compiles information such as pipe number, depth estimate, drill head roll angle, pitch, directional beacon temperature and battery level, date and time.
  • Provides quick-reference information on bend radius for more efficient use of drill pipe and installed product.
  • Supports five languages—English, German, French, Spanish and Italian—and adapts to different international settings.


Pilot Bore Path Screen.

Entry-Reversing Wizard Screen.