A New HDD Process?
Why Change Now?

Green Ops™ is a new HDD process … but it’s definitely a choice. Some operators will continue with business as usual. Others, however, are interested in what’s being called the “evolution” of the HDD process. Here’s why:

SAFETY: Recent underground strikes of buried assets resulting in service interrupts, damaged property, injuries, and even deaths, have focused attention on the need for safer, more confident HDD tracking. The Green Oops Process offers more accurate data that results in safer boring.

EFFICIENCY: Pad-and-pencil planning opens the door for too many errors. And those mistakes often lead to costly downtime on the jobsite. The Green Ops Process records data accurately and lets you send it quickly to the drill operator, supervisor, customer and more. With the accurate info you need, you’ll be more productive.

PRODUCTIVITY: The traditional approach to an HDD bore has the individual on the tracker directing things to maintain an intended bore path. The Green Ops Process utilizes pre-planning and Advanced Drill-To™ which in real time allows the drill operator more ability to be in command. This shift promotes more efficient, more productive jobsites.

EXPEDIENCY: Once a bore is complete, you can send a comprehensive As-Built report immediately, from the field. With that job done, you can move on to the next one.

Green Ops. From Subsite Electronics.

Subsite® pioneered the Green Ops Process with new technologies that make a safer, more productive HDD jobsite possible. The goal: provide complete Underground Awareness®. When you know what’s below and you can share that knowledge quickly and easily when needed, you can do your job more safely and more profitably.