Commander™ 7
HDD Guidance System

The Commander 7 HDD Guidance Display is our most advanced display ever, delivering vital tracking data to both the tracker operator and the drill operator. The Commander 7 is compatible with both Apple® iOS and Android™ devices and features an expanded communication range, faster data rate speeds and a high-resolution 7-inch screen. Commander 7 even offers users three ways to view their tracker data for a more user-friendly, more productive, operator experience.

Upgrade Commander 7 with ScoutView™ and you can upload your Field Scout™ bore plan to the Commander 7 screen and monitor the bore live, log bore data, and display bore info when approaching a waypoint/obstacle—all from the drill seat during the bore.

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  • Communicate between display and iOS iPhone® and iPad® or Android devices.
  • Multiple view modes allows the drill operator to choose their preferred data presentation:
    • Enhanced Classic Walkover Mode
    • Drill-To™ Mode
    • All-new Advanced Drill-To Mode with PerspectiveView™
  • Ability to direct the bore from either the tracker or the drill seat.
  • New radio offers increased communication range. Faster data rate speeds increase productivity.
  • 7-inch high-resolution color screen displays all tracking data clearly to drill operator.
  • User-friendly icons are intuitive for quick operation and a shorter learning curve.
  • Quick-release remote mount allows unit to be removed easily for security and storage.
  • Compatible with any rig manufacturer—12 and 24 VDC power systems.


Drill-To Mode

Advanced Drill-To Mode with Perspective View