The Subsite® Marksman Series HDD Guidance System delivers superior performance in high-interference environments. With its simplified approach, Marksman delivers everything you need, with nothing you don’t—perfect for new operators and highly productive crews. Marksman Plus offers premium features, including the industry’s widest range of frequencies in a single beacon for complicated bores and experienced operators.

Marksman: Made for everyday service installation needs and shallow bores.

Marksman Plus: Provides confidence through longer, more complicated bores.

An important part of the Green Ops™ process, Marksman Series HDD Guidance Systems work seamlessly with the Commander 7™ HDD Guidance Display, sharing vital tracking information with the drill operator for greater control from the operator’s seat.

  • Superior performance ideal for high-noise environments. (M, M+)
  • Industry’s widest range of frequencies in a single beacon. (M+ or M when used with M17+ beacon)
  • Scans and selects the best frequency to avoid interference. (M+)
  • Stronger communication between tracker and beacon at extended depths (130+ feet) for more productive bores (M+)
  • Dual power-mode beacon allows consistent performance across housing sizes. (M+ or M when used with M17+ beacon)
  • Integrated GPS standard (not an add-on) plus Bluetooth® compatibility with your preferred GPS device. (M+)
  • Fast calibration, with automatic beacon-to-tracker connection, saves time and improves productivity. (M, M+)
  • Choose your user interface—Classic View or Marksman View. (M, M+)
  • Advanced locating methods let you use your preferred method of locating. (M, M+)
    • Walkover Mode: Lets you pinpoint drill-head location with peak and null techniques
    • Drill-To Mode: Enhanced Drill-To range (unrestricted) enables the drill operator to make real-time corrections further out, improving bore accuracy
  • High-resolution, full-color, 5-inch TFT LCD screen, optimized for outdoor viewing. (M, M+)
  • Single toggle control, no extra buttons or triggers to get in the way. (M, M+)
  • Extended Range Mode extends data range and provides stronger depth readings. (M, M+)
  • 2,000-foot range between the tracker and drill operator for more productivity. (M, M+)
  • Automatic Bluetooth tracker-beacon connection for no-hassle connectivity. (M, M+)
  • 0.1% pitch resolution for precision grade work. (M, M+)
  • 100% compatible with the Subsite Field Scout™ bore planning app to minimize risk and make the actual drill time more effective and efficient. (M, M+)
  • 80 hours of beacon battery life for more uptime on the job. (M)